World Book Online is a high-quality online encyclopedia available 24/7. Patrons may need to enter User Name = "4west", Password = "virginia". The online resource includes the following:

  • World Book Encyclopedia – Reliable information for homework, reports, or general questions.
  • World Book Kids – For elementary users. Includes lesson plans, science activities, comparable animal and geography features, interactive maps, challenging games, and biographies.
  • World Book Student – Content for upper-elementary and middle-grade users. Includes resources where users can save, notate, and organize articles, biographies, and other content.
  • World Book Advanced – Specifically organized for high school and pre-college users. Contains all of the resources of World Book Student plus primary source materials.
  • World Book Discover
  • Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
  • Early World Of Learning, World Book eBooks, and World Book Timelines.