World Book Online provides access to a world of information anytime, anywhere. And with your library card and email address, you can gain access for FREE.

Interactive, the site engages users with a progressive sequence of core programs, supported by tools and supplemental sites, including primary source material, educator resources, and a plethora of games, science projects, and activities.

These features are paired with highly visual content to captivate even the most reluctant learners. With content derived from their world-renowned encyclopedia and combined with innovative technology, World Book provides information with adherence to clarity, currency, and accuracy.

By breaking down complex topics and using easily understood text, the platform helps to build fluency and increase comprehension. Progression from one lesson/feature responds to the user experience as they grow and learn. Short, basic sentences transform into complex paragraphs, building literacy, and creating subject experts.

Ongoing enhancements along with up-to-date articles make World Book Online a living, breathing informational hub with unbiased, trustworthy information.

You will need the current password and an email address affiliated with your library card number. Please call 304-462-5620 for assistance and information.

For a video overview of World Book Encyclopedia, click here.

Your Gilmer Public Library account grants you free access to these World Book features, courtesy of the West Virginia Library Commission. Contact Gilmer Public Library for the User Name and Password.

Early Learning
Developed for preschool students with short videos, read-aloud stories, printable activities, and more.

World Book Kids
For elementary users. Includes lesson plans, science activities, comparable animal and geography features, interactive maps, challenging games, and biographies.

World Book Student
For upper-elementary and middle-grade users. Includes resources where users can save, notate and organize articles, biographies, and other content.

World Book Advanced
Specifically organized for high school and pre-college users. Contains all of the resources of World Book Student plus primary source materials.

Ideal for students reading below grade level with content and tools specifically developed for them.

World Book eBooks
This digital library includes highly illustrated, engaging titles that span the curriculum and reading levels.

World Book Timelines
Hundreds of pre-generated timelines cover various time periods or span the life of historical public figures. Users can also create their own timelines from scratch.