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Dive into history with this unique, interactive view! Timelines offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures. You can also create your own timelines from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.


  • More than 650 pre-generated timelines and 14,000 individual events.
  • Can be used as-is, customized to user specifications, or built from scratch.
  • Optimized for iPads and the most popular Android devices.


Timelines feature a variety of topics and subjects to span the curriculum and interests of all ages including:

  • Continents, countries, and regions
  • Literature
  • Notable people
  • Science and technology
  • Sports and games
  • Systems and institutions
  • The Arts
  • World history


Users can interact with Timelines in a variety of ways:

  • Explore timelines digitally.
  • Edit existing timelines.
  • Print timelines.
  • Save timelines for easy-access later.
  • Create timelines from scratch! Users can create family histories, track genealogies, create projects for school, and more!

How To Timeline Tutorials / Video Tutorials