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Selections include educational children’s stories, a children’s chapter book, local oral histories, and local authors, Appalachian stories, music from the Glenville State College Department of Fine Arts, installments of a science fiction podcast, installments of a podcast from the West Virginia Humanities Council, and so much more.

Star Stories for Little Folks teaches children about the night sky.

Greek Myths for Kids from Storynory teaches children the tales of the Minotaur, the Wooden Horse, the Midas Touch, the boy who flew too high, the cyclops, and the stories of Circe, Andromeda, Perseus, Odysseus, and Helen of Troy.

Gilmer County Recordings include:

  • “My Home Among the Hills” by the GSC Concert Choir
  • The GSC Alma Mater by the GSC Chamber Singers
  • The GSC Pep Tune by the GSC Marching Pioneer Band
  • Readings by local authors Linda Jones and Lisa Hayes-Minney
  • An interview with Gilmer Historian Damon West
  • An interview with Nancy Allman of Cox’s Mills
  • An interview with Rita (Marks) Emerson of Glenville
  • An interview with Phyllis Marks, of Glenville
  • An interview with Elma Jean Woofter of Troy

Mysterious Mountains is a podcast series produced by the West Virginia Humanities Council exploring the imaginary landscape of West Virginia through the lens of fiction and folklore. How has West Virginia been portrayed in the story world?

Listen to the stories, then unlock new secrets as scholars unveil new layers in the text.

Season 1 features twelve episodes four installments on the Uncle Abner detective stories of Harrison County-born mystery author Melville Davisson Post.

The Chapter Book takes us back to the Land of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz was just the first book about Oz. This chapter book is the second book of the series, the Marvelous Land of Oz.

There are 25 chapters. Begin by selecting 1, and choose the following through the chapters at your own pace.

Press the number sign to return to the book menu to select the next chapter.

The Adult Short Stories feature selections from A History of Appalachia Podcast and Michael Handson’s Mindwebs Sci-Fi Radio Show.

These include:

  • The Wild Man of the Smokies
  • The Murderous Landlady
  • Brushy Mountain’s Prodigal Son
  • The Natural Tunnel Train Wreck, and works by science fiction authors like Ray Bradbury
  • H.G. Wells, Damon Knight
  • H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch
  • and more

Short Classic Mysteries includes classic stories less than 20 minutes long, including:

  • “The Monkey’s Paw”
  • “The Bloodstained Parasol”
  • “The Black Cat”
  • “The Mystery of the One-Legged Man”
  • and more stories from classic authors

The Health and Wellness selections include:

  • A walking meditation to de-stress
  • An evening meditation to promote sleep
  • Two writing meditations
  • Three mantras for easing anxiety
  • Ten positive perspectives for a better life
  • and more

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