The Friends of Gilmer Public Library, Inc. is an independent organization whose sole purpose is to fund-raise and support Gilmer Public Library. They serve as a fundraising arm for GPL and represent the library at community events.
The Friends' mission is to raise money and public awareness in the community and to support the services and programs of the library.  As a non-profit, 501c3 organization, however, it is a legally distinct entity and is not a part of the library. Donations to Friends of the Library are tax-deductible.
Friends of the Library, Inc., helps sponsor the annual library yard sale, and the (normally) annual WinterFest Craft Show. The organization also offers multiple raffles per year and sells meatsticks at local events and the library circulation desk.
New members are always welcome, all members get to vote at meetings, and there are no membership dues. Feel free to follow or join the group on Facebook.
Friends of Gilmer Public Library, Inc. usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the library board room.  For more information, call 304-462-5653 or email Messages sent to their Facebook page are usually answered within one hour. 
If you are an shopper, you can support Friends of Gilmer Public Library with Amazon Smile. For further details, email, or simply search for the organization the next time you log in to Amazon.