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The 2021 Summer Reading Program "Tails and Tales," will be a hybrid program, mixing in-person, passive, and online programming. You can choose to participate in the entire program, or specific portions of the program. For more information, call 304-462-5620.

Enjoy Tails and Tales:


ACTIVE: Call the Dial A Story line, any time: 304-873-5400.

This season's selections include educational children’s stories, a children’s chapter book, local oral histories and local authors, Appalachian stories, music from the Glenville State College Department of Fine Arts, installments of a science fiction podcast, installments of a podcast from the West Virginia Humanities Council, and so much more. Summer Reading Program stories for children include:

Star Stories for Little Folks teaches children about the night sky. Selections include the stories of the constellations, an overview of the planets, and the Northern Crown.

Greek Myths for Kids from Storynory teaches children the tales of the Minotaur, the Wooden Horse, the Midas Touch, the boy who flew too high, the cyclops, and the stories of Circe, Andromeda, Perseus, Odysseus, and Helen of Troy.


ACTIVE: World Book Encyclopedia Online

World Book Online is offers a world of information anytime, anywhere. World Book Online presents highly visual content to captivate even the most reluctant learners. With content derived from their world-renowned encyclopedia and combined with innovative technology, World Book provides information with adherence to clarity, currency, and accuracy. You will need to call the library at 304-462-5620 to get the user name and password needed for free access.


AVAILABLE June 1, 2021: 500 Free Activity Packets

GPL staff is currently assembling 500 Activity Packets for Elementary and Teen students in the county. Filled with crafting ideas and supplies, reading suggestions and activities, coupons, stickers and fun, these packets will be distributed through the mini-libraries placed throughout the county, and will be available for pick-up at the main library.


AVAILABLE JUNE 1, 2021: ReadSquared

Our online Summer Reading portal offers top-quality reading and learning activities. The program begins June 1, and will run through August 31. The program is free, open to all ages, and offers prizes for every 5 hours you read! Read whatever you want to qualify, no library card required. ReadSquared includes reading programs for all ages! Some of them overlap, for instance, a pre-teen going into the 6th grade may choose either the Children’s or Teen program, but they may only register for one at a time. Adults are welcome to participate as well!


AVAILABLE JUNE 1 2021: Story Walk

This season's story walk will be installed around the library's yard. Bring your kids over to enjoy "Rocks in my Pockets," by Marc Harshman,  the poet laureate of West Virginia. The book tells the story of The Woods family, who lived on the top of a windswept mountain. Their farm was on old rocky soil, and they made their living the best they could. They raised knee-high corn, walnut-sized potatoes, but you'd hear no complaints from them. Their house was drafty, their animals skinny, their clothes patched. But one thing they had was pockets, and in their pockets they carried rocks. Yes, rocks. They were very important. They carried rocks to keep from being blown away; they played games with them; they'd worry them; and they wrapped them in heavy socks, after heating them by the fire, to keep warm at night. But early one summer day, the rocks proved to be more important than all these things and changed life forever for the Woods family. An amusing tale of resourcefulness and honesty.