Coronavirus/Pandemic Planning for GPL


Level 1: Follow Suggested Safety Guidelines                                          (Threat Level: Low)

  1. Remove all toys and manipulatives from children’s areas
  2. Stop all in-person social programs.
  3. Implement social distancing measures: increase distance between computers, library seating.
  4. Arrange for items to be pulled and picked up in localized area to limit contact infection.
  5. Require patrons to wear masks.
  6. Implement social distancing measures: increase distance between computers, library seating.
  7. Encourage patrons to use online materials.


Level 2: Rigorous Sanitation                                                           (Threat Level: Elevated)

  1. Provide additional hand sanitizer, soap and towels throughout library buildings
  2. Wipe down all horizontal surfaces and high contact items (doorknobs, phones, keyboards, coffee makers) at midday and at the end of the day
  3. Spray soft furnishings with disinfectant spray at the end of each day
  4. Weekly deep clean of children’s area (toys, etc., with bleach solution)
  5. Remove soft toys from children’s areas (run in hot dryer, then bag up)
  6. Stop serving food at programs unless individually packaged
  7. Hourly hand sanitizing or handwashing for all staff
  1. Wipe/disinfect all returned materials before reshelving and/or hold all returned materials for 5-7 days before recirculating
  2. Encourage patrons to use online materials.


Level 3: Restrict Activities                                                               (Threat Level: Emergency)

  1. In addition to Levels 2 and 3, add: Curb service only, with limited building access and time limits on computer use.


Level 4: Building Closures                                                              (Threat Level: Critical)

  1. Close library system when:
    1. required by State Health Department or other health authority
    2. the Gilmer County government closes due to health emergency
    3. the GPL board and/or director deem a closure to be in the best interest of both library staff and patrons.


Staff Illnesses                                                                                    (Threat Level: High +)

  1. Staff should absolutely stay home at earliest signs of possible infection or if family member is infected
  2. Staff should remain home until infectious period is past, following CDC or Health Department guidelines


Closure Procedures

  1. If the library closes due to a health emergency, the closure will be announced via social media, the library website and posted in the library building.
  2. Staff will be notified of the closure by the library director or assistant director.
  3. Library staff may come in weekly to empty the drop box. All staff will be required to wear gloves while handling materials and to wash hands for at least 20 seconds in hot water with soap after removing gloves.
  4. All staff members will continue to receive pay for their regularly scheduled hours during the duration of the emergency.
  5. Overdues and fees for lost items will be suspended for the duration of the closing.
  6. Library director may work from home as possible for the duration of the closure.