New Books & DVDs for October

New Books & Movies for October

(Thank-you to Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Friends of Gilmer Public Library for funding our collection development.)



General Fiction:   “The City,” Dean Koontz


Mystery:   “The Perfect Murder,” Aimee Molloy

“Vendetta in Death,” J. D. Robb.

“The  Last Time I Lied,“ Riley Sager


HORROR: "The Institute,” Stephen King

“The Stand,” Stephen King

LARGE TEXT: “The Enemy of The State,” Vince Flynn

YOUNG ADULT: “Confession of a Murder Suspect”   James Patterson + Maxine Paetro



10 Things I Hate About You

Captain Marvel

Dances With Wolves

Jim Henson’s “Dark Crystal”

The Descendants 3

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead

Field of Dreams


Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”

MIB: International

Out Of  Africa

Stand By Me

Sweet Home Alabama

Three Amigos

Top Gun

Water World

Weekend at Bernie’s


X2 : X-Men United

X-men : Dark Phoenix

Secret Life of Pets 2



Grimm: Seasons 1-6

Highlander: Seasons 1-6

Highlander : The Rave Season 1

Outlander: Seasons 1-4

Sex and the City: Season 1

Xena-Warrior Princess: Seasons: 1-2