214 Walnut Street
 Glenville, WV 26351
Across from the High School
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The Teen Group at the Gilmer Public Library is a rapidly growing and expanding group of teenagers from both public and home schools, and always welcomes new members. They’re currently planning ongoing community service projects around Glenville and hope to help better their community for the generations that will come after. The group is always open to suggestions for community service projects around town, so feel free to call in and ask if we’d be interested in helping with something.

Ask for our Library Director, Patrick Montgomery.
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Participating in WV Make It Shine
The Youth Group at Gilmer Public Library participated in WV Make It Shine on Saturday, April 23rd in an effort to clean up Walnut Street and to make West Virginia the cleanest state in the nation. We here at the library owe a special thank you to our youngest members, Susan Taylor and Jesse Finley, for making such an impact that day. We collected two bags full of trash between all who showed up to volunteer, but no one worked harder than these two kids. While doing the cleanup, we discussed the ramifications of littering and just how long it took to break down various materials they were finding along the roads that people had casually tossed out of their cars. The kids were very interested in just how they could help to keep this from happening, and then vowed to never litter. We plan on doing several other projects like this to help keep Walnut Street, and all of Gilmer County, as clean as possible.
Left to right:
Susan Taylor, Patrick Montgomery, Linda Miller, James & Angie Watkins, Jesse Finley
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