Hi Lisa,
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Libraries have always played a crucial role in the local community by providing access to knowledge and information. As more information gets published online, it’s important that libraries maintain an updated database of digital resources along with their printed materials.

Here at AffordableColleges.com, we provide several free resources focused around keeping the costs of college down. I have a handful of resources that I wanted to share with your library.

    College Laptop Guide - Schools that offer free laptops and laptop buying guide
   FAFSA Guide - The FAFSA deadline is approaching on June 30th
   Financial Aid Guide - General financial info for college students

With the average student loan debt currently at $28,950 per student and rising, I know you will share these resources with your Library patrons.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


Erica Carson
Marketing | AffordableColleges.com
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