Everyone in Gilmer County is now aware of the embezzlement problem experienced by the Library.  Before it was stopped over $4,000 was stolen, mostly by use of the library's debit card. Because the library's bills went unpaid for a period of time, they accrued thousands of dollars of late fees and penalties. The total losses exceed 20% of the operating budget.

As a consequence the library is in such dire straits they may have to close temporarily. That's in addition to the already reduced hours of operation. This would leave some low-income families without any money coming in.  Additionally, you already know how many Gilmer County residents depend on the library for internet service, copies, faxes, etc.  In the coldest weather, like now, some people come to the library because they have no or little heat at home. Closing would put a hurting on a bunch of folks.

Friends of the Gilmer Public Library has been an important source of donations for the library. We donated $2,000 in late 2018, taking our account down to just a few hundred dollars. Now, we're in emergency mode and since charity begins at home I'm asking for your help.

The Elite 100 is my plan to get 100 people to donate $50 (or more) in the next 60 days.  That would keep the library open until raffle season starts.  I would be extremely grateful if you'd be one of these very, VERY special people.  If $50 is too much, please send what you can.  No amount is too small when your heart is in the right place. If you can send more, great!  If you can, share this with friends and family to help out, or a business. And before you ask, my annual pledge to the library is $250, so I already donated.

Checks are payable to "Friends of the Gilmer Public Library" and you can send them to PO Box 93, Glenville, WV, 26351.  Or go to
http://www.gilmerpublib.org/ and click on the DONATE button on the home page.  Donations are tax deductible as we are a non-profit volunteer organization.  If anyone needs a tax receipt just let me know.

The library needs your help like never before, so I sure hope you will ....?
It is a sad day when we have to post something like this on our Library Web Site, but you,
as patrons and supporters of the Gilmer Public Library deserve to know what has happened
and what we are doing about it.
The Glenville Democrat posted a front page article on January 24th, by Myra Chico, which told of the arrest and charging of our former Library Director with Felony Embezzlement. Because of the ongoing investigation I cannot go into the details, but suffice it to say, for now, that your Board of Trustees filed the complaint in December, 2018, after our new Library Director, Lisa Minney, was able to document the extent, method, and amount of the fraud.  In addition, there were many bills that had gone unpaid, such as insurance, workers’ comp, and even the utility bills which all had to be paid and brought current out of the depleted funds remaining.  The breadth, scope and chicanery involved was staggering.  Your GPL has almost been forced to close because of it.  
Below is a post by Ann Reed, Pres. of the Friends of the GPL, which states the case very well.  The only correction I would make is that the amount of damage is now in excess of $20,000.  More will be related as time and circumstances allow.

Best regards,
Robin Spencer
Pres, Board of Trustees